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A brand new voice in Australian Choral music

Lumens Chamber Choir is a new choral ensemble in Brisbane that performs repertoire from Renaissance to Contemporary music in the traditional choral style. This choir aims to provide young adult singers with the skills of collaboration and artistry that come from working in a chamber group. Their premiere performance was at St John's Cathedral 2021 Nocturnes Series, while their first community performance was part of a reflection of love, a concert given on the 18th of April at Brisbane 's Customs House.

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Kathryn Morton is a choral conductor, speech pathologist and vocal teacher. Educated at the University of Queensland with degrees in Music and Speech Pathology, Kathryn has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in her chosen field.


Kathryn is the Director of the St Peters Chorale at St Peters Lutheran College. Under her leadership, St Peters Chorale has performed both nationally and internationally to great acclaim. She is also the Director of the Girl Choristers and Vocal Tutor to the Boy Choristers at St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane. Performances by Kathryn’s choirs have been described as ‘superb’, ‘stunning’, ‘a delight’, and ‘evocative’. As a guest conductor, Kathryn regularly leads workshops, rehearsals and performances for primary, secondary  and tertiary
students as well as adults. Her work as a conductor has also included collaborations with Stephen Layton, Simon Toyne, Roger Sayer and Daniel Hyde (England), Tony Funk (Canada), Anton Armstrong and Heather Buchanan (America), and Ron Morris and Carl Crossin
(Australia). Kathryn is the Director of the Lumens Chamber Choir which was formed in 2021 as an initiative of the Brisbane Chamber Choir.


As a vocal technician, Kathryn is in high demand in the dual roles of speech pathologist and singing teacher.  Her passion for, and skill in, vocal pedagogy has prepared her students for entrance into tertiary institutions, both in Australia and overseas, as well as providing them
with the ability to perform professionally in various styles.  She has worked as an occasional lecturer at the University of Queensland and presented at the International Music Festival tutti World Youth Music Beijing.  Kathryn has also been invited to present seminars, workshops and conduct for organisations such as the Royal School of Church Music.

Lumens Chamber Choir 2021:

Ava Eid, Zoe Catchpoole, Amelia Garnett, Hailey Graham, Cassie Barnett, Heather
Deacon, Miranda Kidd, Anna C Madrigal, Zara Passenger, Charlotte Watson, Cody
Hargreaves, Nicholas Hargreaves, Ryan Lawrence, James Taylor, Pieter van der Have,
Paul Michel Conrad, Zakari Gane, Matthew Kanowski, Declan Kemp, Thomas Lewis, Tam
Nguyen, Dominic Retschlag, Nathan Richardson, Nic Wallace, Jordan Yee

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